Baby Sitting for Steven and his brother Robert in the 1950's.

Created by Tessa 2 years ago

I have such fond memories of baby sitting for my darling cousins Steve and his dear brother Robert when they were little, and reading them bedtime stories, which they loved. We lived together in our beloved grandmother's rented house at 87, Foulden Road, Stoke Newington. We were extremely poor, but surrounded by the love and support of a huge Jewish family of aunts and uncles.

Steve had a loving, trusting nature and a beautiful smile, and his lovely daughters, Olivia and Georgia are the image of him at a young age. In later years, Steve met up with us in Shoreham to visit our last surviving elderly aunt and uncle there, whenever his busy tennis schedule allowed. He was quiet and unassuming, but immensely caring, intelligent and gifted, and loved by everyone lucky enough to know him. We always enjoyed reminiscing and sharing the latest family news.

I last spoke to darling Steve a week before he died. He was very weak, but so grateful to be nursed with such love and kindness at home, surrounded by the family he adored and with his dear sister Susan. Steve had no thought or bitterness for himself, but just the heartache of leaving behind his darling wife Suzanne, his beautiful daughters, Olivia and Georgia and his dear family and many friends. It was a joy and a privilege to have known and loved Steve and he will always be in our hearts and hugely missed.