a one off

Created by Val 2 years ago

Tennis was my initial contact with Steve whe he coached at MKTC.He quietly improved my strokes despite telling me I played tennis like a squash player!!We soon found our way to the pub for coffee or a drink.He always made you feel good about your game, and playing the odd match with him was a joy! he leapt about enthusiastically, quietly and forcefully directing you.He never complained, even when his back was painful.He chatted to me a lot about his OU degree, the psychology elements, and it was no mean achivement to be studying whilst working all over the country..

He was persuaded to join Milton Keyneskiers and come on a couple of skiing trips..Despite being a total beginner he insisted on skiing on day one with more experienced skiers.On particular run, on day one, he was following us,skiing far too fast with no clue how to turn or stop.Needles to say , he left the track, went head over heels over a fence, and came up laughing, and fortunately in one piece!That was typical Steve!

On that hoilday I was the one to have a bad skiing accident,ending up in a wheelchair. On our return journey, Steve quietly took charge and wheeled me about at Lyons airport.

Even after he moved North he would keep in touch and meet up with us for a meal and a drink, when south.. ever sociable and great company.

His time with Suzanne and the girls was all too short, but the happiness they knew was palpable.

The way he ended his health battle was typical Steve, brave, uncomplaining,dignified, and focussing on the good times and on those he loved.

It has been a privilege to have known Steve, and I am only sorry his life has ended so prematurely, especially sad for Suzanne and the girls.