So many memories.....

Created by Bill and Linda 2 years ago

After nearly 43 years of friendship it’s almost impossible to chose one memory. My husband being Steve’s first adult pupil (‘victim’ being Steve’s description!) when he first qualified as a Part 1 coach, Setting up the Tennis Centre, the MK Junior Open, persuading the LTA to go for our innovative point-for-point scoring system for the National Short Tennis Finals, and then having to cope with the enormous extra workload that put on us as official scorers, playing the MK Tennis Club mixed doubles final after it has been officially postponed, and we had both gone home to enjoy lunch and a glass or two of wine. Both ever so slightly tipsy, we lost - to two 18 year olds, both of whom Steve had coached to County Junior Championship level.  But perhaps the most vivid memory is the first Children in Need 24 hr Tennis Marathon. Steve’s idea, of course.  Just 4 coaches, one damp court on a cold autumn night, one small wooden courtside shelter with a kettle and electric fire for rest periods. For  24 hrs we played, and played, and played and raised around £2,000 - a considerable amount back in the mid 80s.  At the end we all swore we would never, ever do anything as foolhardy again. Until the following year  - when Steve set up an even bigger, better 24 hour Marathon, this time roping in lots of players from local Clubs together with Sally Jones from the BBC and Paul Hutchins from the LTA. And raising well over £5,000.  
Rest in peace my dear friend.  You achieved so much more during your too short time than many others achieve given another 25 years.